The best place for all your solar and electrical solutions, we are the best. Low cost best solutions for all. Everyone can own a solar system now,save your environment and save your energy cost.


We design systems according to the needs of the client to ensure system efficiency.We put quality on our work, more time is spent on design to ensure, correct component usage, sizing and correct mounting.


Our Installations are conducted by well trained technicians, and engineers.Quality checks are conducted on all stages of installation.


The systems we design and install we ensure full maintenance them, so that full efficient operation can be experience all the time.We do maintenance on all electrical works, we also maintenance all solar projects even those we did not design.

Solutions we offer


General Solution Technologies offers everything you need to power your home with solar energy.We do not cut corners our team only uses top of the line materiel when creating your system.When you choose us you expert friendly interaction from first call to the day your system is energised and beyond.Our services are personalised processes aimed at addressing your energy needs as every home uses energy differently.Our team understands all these variables, and we will always create the design that suits your needs.


General Solution Technologies offers all the technology you need to power your business with solar energy. We develop top quality installations and monitoring systems that can track your solar output. Our design engineers produce designs that optimise the output, using the most appropriate solar equipment for your application. All our installations come with a 3 year maintenance plan.


We Supply all kinds of solar and electrical components: cables, solar panels, batteries. High quality components from the leading OEM Brands

Solar pumping

General Solution Technologies have partnered with the well known and experienced supplies for solar pumps, we design the pump system according to your borehole,liters of water you need per day. All our systems are designed specifically for your water needs. We also offer anti-theft solutions for your system

Water heating

We offer all solar geyser solutions,sales and installations.

General electrical,HVAC/electronics services

Communicate with us for any technology solution you need for your project, we are always ready to advise and create effective solution for your needs.

How our project Process works

1.Consultation/project Analysis: our representative will contact you to discuss your energy needs.

2. Design/planning: Our project engineer will visit your home/site to do analysis and measurement, next the engineer prepare a simulation design so you can have an understanding of how your system will perform.

3. Installation: This process will take about 3- 90 days depending on the size of your project.

4. Commissioning: After the installation has been completed, our technicians and engineers will commission to ensure that the installation is according to the design. performance, voltages, currents, and all the design ratings are checked accordingly.This process can take about 2-3 days.

5. Activation: when everything has been completed, and all quality checks conducted, we now declare the system ready to go live, and now you on your way to save energy and money!!.