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At General Solution Technologies our mission  is to help our clients to understand the true value of Solar energy.When you work with us the process of designing, buying and the installation of solar system becomes quick, easy and effortless.We pride ourselves on quality and expertise in the field of Photovoltaic.

General Solution Technologies ensures that clients get the greatest value from our services,by combining the quality components and solutions that match the project’s needs. We are the best in Solar!. 

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Solar Power

A PV/solar system includes solar panels as the main component and includes all other components to make our own energy. At General Solution Technologies, we work with top quality solar panels to ensure that your system is efficient. The majority of solar systems includes an inverter which takes the energy from PV panels in DC form and converts it to AC form, so you can run your appliances in your home/office, we always advise on using reliable inverter brands to allow an excellent performance of your energy system. 

Solar water heating and pumping

If you need to supply water beyond the reach of your energy lines, then solar power can be your  solution.Solar powered pumps provide a good alternative to fuel-burning engines/diesel generators.Solar water pumps produce best in summer season, which is a season where the need of water is great.

Solar water heating Technology may have started in a bad way in the public eye, this is due to improper system installations.In reality solar water heating technology is a big energy and money saver and it is very much affordable to install.